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Use Diatomaceous Earth to rid your lawn of Anthills

Ants and anthills can make your yard look like a mine site and make it an unenjoyable experience with mowing.

When it comes to combating pests Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural, effective insecticide. We do not add any chemicals to DE which is naturally chemical free, unlike other companies that add harsh nasties to Diatomaceous Earth in hopes to kill pests quicker. The molecular structure of DE which is sharp only on a microscopic level when bugs come into contact with Diatomaceous Earth, it cuts and absorbs moisture exoskeletons of the bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth is not only cheaper than these other methods but is natural, organic and is safe to use around and in your home. The effects of DE will only wear off if it is cleaned up or washed away so there is no need to worry about keeping a schedule to reapply it.

Use diatomaceous earth to get rid of ant hills

Check out how we recommend using Fine Diatomaceous Earth against ants and anthills:

Shovel in hand, you’ll want to dig into the hill, cracking into mound with the aim of find the queen ant who is obviously the boss. With the shovel head or by flipping it over and using the handle end of the shovel, break the tunnels within the mound in a mixing motion. This will help stop the spread of the ants.

Liberally add Diatomaceous Earth to the entire mound and its surroundings. Mix in the DE again with the shovel head or by flipping it over and using the handle end of the shovel. Please be careful not to inhale the Diatomaceous Earth as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

Repeat the process for every other ant mound and keep on top of new ones that crop up. It’s better to treat them when they are small rather than waiting until the colony is large and well established.

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When using DE we recommend wearing a protective mask for your own safety and well being.

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