Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT - Permission to leave parcel/s - By placing an order with us you agree to have the item/s left at the front door (side door, veranda, etc) of your delivery address in the event that no one is home to sign for and receive the item/s. You also agree to accept the risk this may involve.

General Terms & Conditions:

1.    Please remember that incorrect information can be mistakenly presented on this website or any other website for that matter. Therefore its very important to follow the information provided on an item or its packaging as an authoritative guide regardless of what's presented on this website. If your item lacks package information please seek other trustworthy expert advice before using any product.
2.  We do not guarantee that products you receive will be exactly the same as displayed in the photos of this website. Slight differences between the product and the website's photo that doesn't affect the functionality of the product are not grounds for a refund. Manufacturers often make slight changes to products without letting us know, so its difficult for us to prevent this. In the event that customer is not happy with the product, we will try to accommodate a refund, but the customer must pay for any freight costs incurred or required.
3.    If Given, always follow the directions given on an item or its packaging before use. Use these directions as an authoritative guide above anything else.
4.   Please do not consider any information on this website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants.
5.   We reserve the right to charge what we deem the correct price in the event that our web store displays an incorrect item price or freight price and a purchase is made at this incorrect price. In the event that this happens the purchaser is entitled to a refund. If the customer decides that they still want to purchase this item they will need to pay the full correct price (as set by us) before the item is dispatched. If the customer declines to make the extra payment requested the order will be fully refunded and cancelled.
6.   If an incorrect price is displayed on our website either due to a computer glitch or human error the customer is in no way entitled to that incorrect price.
7.   Always use gloves and take other safety precautions whenever handling any organic matter and DE.
Delivery Conditions

1.    Permission to leave - By placing an order with us you agree to have the item/s left at the front door (side door, veranda, etc) in the event that no one is home to sign for and receive the item/s. You also agree to accept the risk this may involve.
2.    Remote Area Surcharge - We reserve the right to request an extra remote area surcharge above the freight charges already paid if your delivery location is classified by our couriers as remote. (see below for more details)
3.    PO BOXES - Please do NOT place an order using a PO Box address. Please email us first before ordering to see if it's possible. Australia Post & any courier can deliver smaller items to PO boxes but these orders may require an extra freight payment to be arranged.
4.   Changing Shipping Method - We reserve the right to send your order with a different shipping method/courier than the one you selected at the checkout, without notice. (see below for more details)
5.    What if I'm not home at the time of Delivery? This will vary depending on the courier. Most couriers will have to leave the parcel at your door if you're not home. If the courier can't find a safe place to leave the parcel (eg a security unit) they will likely have to return the parcel to sender. The buyer will then have to pay for freight a second time to have the parcel re-delivered.
Some couriers may leave a calling card requesting you pick up your order from the post office or courier depot. Usually, the courier will be given authority to leave your parcel but if it's not safe to do so or for some other reason the courier may decide to leave a calling card instead. When this happens you may need to go to the appropriate post office or depot to pick up. We are not liable if the courier fails to follow the authority to leave we give.

- Help Selecting a Shipping Method at the Checkout - (See bottom of page for details)

Delivery Conditions: Orders will ship within 4 businesses days unless stated otherwise.
Expect delivery of goods 4-10 working days after payment is made.
If the order hasn't arrived after this time contact: dedirect1@gmail.com

Delivery times
Permission to leave - By placing an order with us you agree to have the item/s left at the front door (side door, veranda, etc) in the event that no one is home to sign for and receive the item/s. You also agree to accept the risk this may involve.

If you wish we can leave delivery instructions with the courier to have your order left in a particular place at your home i.e. side of house, backyard etc. This can be done in 2 ways:

- Fill out the "Delivery Instructions" section when entering your shipping address. If done in this way your delivery instructions will appear automatically each time you order, just as your address does.
- Enter the details in the text box of the " Review and Place Order " section of the checkout. These delivery instructions will apply to this order only.

- If you don't mention any delivery instructions the default drop off location if your not home will be " at the front door".
Deliveries can arrive at any time during the day from 6 am to 10 pm so please choose a delivery location where your order can be left safely at any time. If the delivery address for your order is to a business please mention its name in the company box of the delivery details section. By doing this the courier will know to only deliver during business hours (9am to 5pm.).

Even if we give an expected day or time of arrival for your order(via email or phone) we DO NOT guarantee deliveries will arrive at this specified time or date. We always do our best but ultimately we are dependent on very busy courier companies who can be late for a variety of reasons. Always give yourself plenty of time for an order to arrive.
We do not ship to countries outside Australia.
Always inspect a parcel before signing for it, that you have received it in good condition. Some couriers offer partial insurance if it is reported to the driver at the time of delivery. We may be able to make a claim on your behalf, but you must report it to delivering driver and contact us immediately. Only at our discretion.
Privacy Policy
We do NOT insure, cover or accept any responsibility for items that are damaged or lost in transit via a courier.
1. DE Direct respects that personal information is provided to it by clients and is committed to treating that information with the highest degree of integrity and privacy.

2. Personal information we collect from you will only be used for the purpose of completing your purchase and to assist us in providing a higher level of service to you in the future.

3. Personal information held by DE Direct may include your name, current addresses, telephone / mobile number, email address, previous order history or shopping wish lists.

4. Your personal information may be provided to our agents, for example our Delivery Agents, our accountant, our solicitor, for the purpose of completing your order or in the ordinary course of our business.

5. Your personal information will not be provided to any outside party unless compelled to by law or a court order.

6. DE Direct will take all reasonable precautions to prevent your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure by storing it in a secure environment and allowing access only to authorized persons.

7. We do not hold your Credit Card details. Your Credit Card payments are made through eWay, a proven and secure banking gateway for real-time credit Card validation and transaction processing. eWay is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) Tier 1 payment gateway meaning it adheres to the highest security standards set by Visa and Mastercard.

8. DE Direct invites it website users to create a password-protected account in which contact details and order history are maintained for ease of reference and re-order. This information is stored on our secure data base however for added security, we suggest that you use a unique password that is not the same as any other passwords you may use.

9. If you have any questions in relation to privacy, please contact our office at: Email: dedirect1@gmail.com
Refund & Cancellation
If you receive the wrong or faulty goods we will replace at our cost. Please note this may be subject to our ability to inspect or otherwise verify the error.

We will not be responsible for loss of goods in transit, we will however endeavour to follow up with Australia Post or the transport company to locate and if possible get the goods to you.

Please ensure that your delivery address is correct on the order. Normally a simple phone call can sort this out quickly and easily or fill out the Resolution centre contact form to lodge a dispute.  Either way we will be happy to sort out the issue.