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We are an Australian owned and operated business, based in Queensland that is dedicated to providing the best value for your money. At DE Direct we aim to make our products as accessible and affordable as possible while offering the finest and best quality DE on the market. Our Organic Certified DE is sourced from the Burnett region, and is Australian owned and operated.
There are so many different fertilisers on the market and it’s getting quite confusing choosing the one with the right nutrition make up for your needs. They all promise good things, but what is good value for money? What is best for your garden? Are they safe to use and most of all will they deliver what they promise?
Organic Fertilisers is a big business and it is up to you to source the best products. To ensure you get the right products that suit your need be sure to read the typical analysis (the list of ingredients) from each product.
Our goal is to offer you the best products for your plants so you can grow high quality, high yield and especially high nutrient products. The healthier your soil and plants the less problem will occur during the growing season.
We are glad to offer a wide range of high quality organic liquid fertilisers Made in Australia.
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