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Organically tackle ticks with Diatomaceous Earth

Ticks. They are small and almost invisible. There is virtually no way to kill all of them that might be in your backyard or your area unless you coated it all in 1 meter of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is not practical, safe nor wise.

The good news though is that there are little steps you can make to kill and deter these little buggers making your yard a safer place for you, your family and pets.

Come on, whip out your bag of Diatomaceous Earth and let’s get to work. Check our tips and tricks below.

Use Diatomaceous Earth to tackle ticks

-- Clean up your yard and keep it clean. Don’t have piles of wood or junk laying around close to the house not only does it make good places for ticks to hang out, but it will attract things like termites, mice and rats which then attracts snakes. So moral of the story is keep your yard clutter free which makes less places for nasties to hide out in. Ticks also love to hang out in leaves and long grass so cut, clean and dispose of them carefully. Be sure to dust the area where the leaves and grass were to knock back any ticks that might be lingering.

-- Next, you’ll want to dust Diatomaceous Earth around the edges and foundation of your house, as well as sheds and garages. If you have garden beds or areas along your fence line that back on to or are near long grass be sure to dust them as well. We recommend putting a reusable protective mask when spreading large areas with DE as a prevention measure against irritation that can come from inhaling Diatomaceous Earth.

-- As you’ve dusted outside, the wind and rain can carry and wash away your DE, so repeat the dusting roughly once every month during tick season or after a heavy down pour of rain to make sure you don’t allow a gap for the ticks to come through.

-- See how you can protect your pets internally against Ticks and Fleas here in a special blog post!

When using DE we recommend wearing a protective mask for your own safety and well being.

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