What is Diatomaceous Earth?


Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short, also known as amorphous silica are the fossilised remains of millions of years old microscopic single-cell plants called diatoms, found on the beds of oceans and lakes. The bodies of the diatoms are made of the mineral silica in an amorphous form. This is what is mined and ground into different grades of microscopically porous and sharp powder, that isn't sharp at all to touch.

DE is used for many different purposes and applications such as:
  • Animal Health (parasite and fly control, internal and external) 
  • Livestock feed supplement (improve weight gain)
  • Poultry (odour control, internal and external parasite control)
  • Kitty Litter (controls odour, natural, affordable and safe alternative)
  • Insecticides (against pests in the soil and foliar)
  • Soil amendments (increases overall plant health boosting them with silica)
  • Soil conditioner (increasing water retention saving you water)
  • Oil and Spill Absorption (a great way to clean up oil spills in the garage or workshop)
We offer four different grades of Diatomaceous Earth, perfect for all your garden, pet and pests control needs. Learn about the different uses of Diatomaceous Earth and how it can benefit you by clicking here!
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Control pests and parasites internally and externally, in and round your animals, home and garden

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Kitty litter


Simple, natural and affordable kitty litter alternative you can then put into the garden after use!

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Poultry grade


Control pests, parasites and lice to increase health, egg production and weight gain.

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Garden grade

FINE - 8mm

Give your garden a boost of silica to strengthen plants and make them more pest and drought resistant. 

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Rich deposits of Diatomaceous Earth are being mined in only a few places in Australia and our DE is Australian mined from freshwater lakes. Not all DE silica products are the same and we make sure that all our products are organic by nature, chemical and additive-free and contains no toxic levels of any element. DE is not to be confused with crystalline silica which is heated over 900 degrees Celcius and is used commercially in swimming pool filtration. Crystalline silica is also extremely dangerous so please do not use for or on humans, animals and gardens.
Read our detailed guides on how to use Diatomaceous Earth for your garden, pets and pest control needs in our Blog.
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