What exactly is DE?

DE is the shorthand way so say Diatomaceous Earth, which is certainly not the easiest thing to remember or spell.

DE is the fossilised remains of millions of microscopic single-cell plants called diatoms which were deposited millions of years ago on the beds of oceans and lakes. The bodies of the diatoms are made from the mineral silica in an amorphous form. Rich deposits of DE are being mined in only a few places in Australia. Our DE is Australian mined from freshwater lakes.
Once mined DE is ground into various grades of consistency like coarse, -2mm and fine. What you are left with is either hard chunks (coarse or-2mm grades) or a powder that is similar to ground up chalk. Whatever grade you get, DE is microscopically is porous and sharp but it is not sharp at all to touch. DE is super absorbent and is great for a whole bunch of other things like for flea and tick control on animals and for pest control and boosting silica levels in gardens.
Not all DE silica products are the same and we make sure that all our products are organic by nature, chemical and additive-free and contains no toxic levels of any element. DE is not to be confused with crystalline silica which is heated over 900 degrees Celcius and is used commercially in swimming pool filtration. Crystalline silica is also extremely dangerous so please do not use for or on humans, animals and gardens. 
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