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Diatomaceous Earth, a great soil conditioner

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Fossil Shell Flour as is it also known as, is used by small-scale gardeners, organic farmers/horticulturist and home gardeners alike thanks to the bounty of benefits that DE provides their soil.

Not only is it a fantastic source of plant available silica, which will see stronger, more robust plants and leaves, DE is cheap, and organic by nature. We recommend using the -2mm grade Diatomaceous Earth, which is not as fine as the Fine Grade Diatomaceous Earth making it more absorbent therefore doing the job better for longer.

Diatomaceous Earth or Fossil Shell Flour for the soil

When mixed into soil, potting mixes or other landscaping materials DE sees nutrient and water retention significantly increase due to its highly absorbent and porous molecular make up. This added retention of water and nutrients lessens the stress felt by plants when in a state of inattention or in a drought. Diatomaceous Earth captures and holds nutrients and water in the plants root zone, meaning that the plant can absorb more over time, boosting its health and vitality all the while saving water and fertiliser cost by lessens the amount of irrigation and inputs needed.

Diatomaceous Earth can by added to garden beds, added to other fertilisers, spread over a large-scale operation, can be mixed into potting mixes and added to holes before planting. DE can benefit everyone’s soil as well as tackle pesky pests.

See how DE can get benefit your animals by visiting our blog!

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When using DE we recommend wearing a protective mask for your own safety and well being.

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