1kg Nursery/Garden Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Fine-8mm)
  • 1kg Nursery/Garden Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Fine-8mm)


      Diatomaceous Earth is rich in silica which has proven to be one of most essential inputs for crop production. The beneficial effects of Silica application has shown to have a direct effect on crop productivity, improving soil fertility, increasing plant health and reducing water requirements resulting in improved resistance to disease, insect attack and drought. In addition to this Silica application will assist plant absorption of other applied fertilizers and soil nutrients resulting in reduced application of fertilizers (such as Phosphors) and chemicals.

      Adding Diatomaceous Earth will:

      • Increase crop productivity

      • Improve soil fertility

      • Increase plant health

      • Reduce water requirements

      • Enhance other applied fertilizers efficiency

       Resulting in​:

      • Stronger plant cells and structure

      • Improved resistance to disease and fungi

      • Improved resistance to insect attack

      • Increased drought tolerance and reduce irrigation requirements

      • Increased salt tolerance

      • Reduced chemical and fertilizer costs

      • Increased farm income 

      ​ Silica is used in many industries including farming, landscape gardening, home gardening, golf courses, sports fields and many more.

       Application Rates 


      • Sprinkle liberally on the ground around trees and crops

      • Mixing with soil – 250g to a 300mm x 300mm hole