5kg Poultry Grade Diatomaceous Earth (2-4mm)
  • 5kg Poultry Grade Diatomaceous Earth (2-4mm)


      Our poultry grade Diatomaceous Earth is perfect for controling lice and parasites interanally and externally. DE's porous structure creates the ideal absorbent material to be spread in coops, on perches and in and around nesting boxes.

      When DE is included in feed rations it can improve feathering and increase egg production by removing internal worms and parasites. DE provides a food rich in minerals followed-on by increased chickens weight gain and egg production. Diatomaceous Earth cell structure destroys nasty domestic pests in the coop; flies, mites, fleas and worms.

      Benefits of feeding DE to poultry:​

      • Control of Bird lice
      • Controls internal and external parasites
      • Dryer droppings allowing easier cleaning of house
      • Reduces smell
      • Improves quality of eggs
      • Improves egg production
      • Feed supplement


      Simply sprinkle in and around the housing and put down a handful for the chickens to use as a dust bath.  

      Feed:Add 15% of DE to regular poultry pellets or laying mash for effectiveness. See our blog on feeding Diatomaceous Earth to poultry for more a detailed guide.