How you can use DE to great results

To help you get the most out of your DE we've decided to set up our in-depth blog that shows you all the things you can use DE for and how to it to get the best results! Find all that you seek here on our BlogDiatomaceous Earth is super absorbent and is great for a whole bunch of other things like for flea and tick control on animals and for pest control and boosting silica levels in gardens.


Here is a quick overview of what Diatomaceous Earth can be used for and the best grade of Diatomaceous Earth we recommend for each activity. 

Chickens and Poultry - Internal parasite control and external tick and flea control 
Diatomaceous Earth porous structure creates the ideal absorbent material to be spread in coops, on perches and in and around nesting boxes. When DE is included in feed rations it can improve feathering and increase egg production by removing internal worms and parasites. DE provides a food rich in minerals followed-on by increased chicken weight gain and egg production.
Diatomaceous Earth cell structure destroys nasty domestic pests in the coop; flies, mites, fleas and worms. DE is environmentally friendly and this allows it to be disposed of into the home garden after use in coops. Read more on our blog here.

Kitty Litter

Our Kitty Litter grade Diatomaceous Earth is cheap, natural and effective! It can help absorb the stinky smell and moisture in the litter box, meaning less smell, less frequent changing and any nasty bugs and parasites that might normally make themselves at home in the litter box will be taken care of. In a clean litter box with fresh kitty litter simply add ¾ cup of Fine Diatomaceous Earth per 500 grams of litter. Repeat the process every time you clean and re-fill the litter box. You can put the old used litter straight into the garden as Diatomaceous Earth makes the litter inert meaning chemically inactive and will be absorbed by the soil.
Dogs and Cats - Internal parasite control and external tick and flea control 
Mixing DE into your dog’s food is a natural way to help prevent fleas from making themselves at home in your dog's coat. The DE helps support their immune system, digestion and because DE is a form of silica it supports strong nails, skin and coat. The best results are when the dog is consistently eating the DE feed mixture. DE is also known to help with worm issues in dogs as well as providing them a boost of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Read more on our blog here.

Naturally killing insects, spiders and other pests in and around the home and garden

When it comes to combating pests DE is a natural, effective insecticide. We do not add any chemicals to DE which is naturally chemical free, unlike other companies that add harsh nasties to DE in hopes to kill pests quicker. The molecular structure of DE which is sharp only on a microscopic level when bugs come into contact with DE, it cuts and absorbs moisture exoskeletons of the bugs. The kind of pests that DE can handle are fleas, bed bugs, ants, and other insects. DE can be applied as a dry powder or mixed with water and applied as a spray, however, works best when dry. ​In the home, office, warehouse, silos and storage space Diatomaceous Earth can be sprinkled in areas where pests frequent for example behind cupboards and fridges, under sinks and around the house perimeter. It is highly effective against cockroaches, ants, mice and other household insects.

Silica is used by plants to strengthen cell walls and membranes. Research has shown that silicon can stimulate the development of plant growth. Diatomaceous Earth is fully organic and when incorporated increases nutrient retention, provides plant available silica and increases water withholding, promoting plant health.  Diatomaceous Earth adds great vitality into natural soils, potting mixes and a diversity of other landscape materials. Silica organisms play an important role in soil health and release plants nutrients into the soil. DE advances soil physical properties to promote larger, healthier root structures that are more effective at obtaining water and nutrients.
Internal and external  parasite control and external tick and flea control for cattle, horses and sheep
Diatomaceous Earth contains 15 positive trace minerals which assist in the digestive process, increase feed change and advances the overall health and performance in both domestic and commercial animals. Diatomaceous Earth can be mixed into daily dry feed rations to improve nutrition levels and promote weight gain.
DE is a natural mineral which is safe and harmless in animal feeding. It also reduces internal parasites while cleansing and restoring digestive health, therefore increasing general animal health and well-being.
Diatomaceous Earth used in a Backrub for Fly Control
Biting insects like buffalo flies, mosquitoes and midges can cause discomfort for cattle and can even lead to three-day sickness or Bovine Ephemeral Fever. Our specifically designed DE Backrub is the first defence
against any of these critters.

This heavy-duty backrub filled with our specifically milled fine grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) dusts cattle head to tail when they rub against, play with or walk under the backrub hung in a paddock, yard, pen or between two gate posts.

The DE Backrub holds up to 20kg of our fine grade DE and can be refilled without having to move the bag from its hanging position. Simply open the heavy-duty zipper and refill the DE. No unhooking necessary, making it a
convenient and no fuss solution.
Engineered, tested, and manufactured right here in Australia, the DE Backrub is designed specifically to withstand our harsh and diverse Australian conditions.

Unlike chemical fly control, there is no withholding period when using DE. When flies and insects come in contact with the fine DE micro shards they are cut and the DE, being super porous, deters and dehydrates them.
Our natural Australian mined Diatomaceous Earth Fine Grade is specifically milled and graded to achieve the optimum dusting result.

Dusting sulphur can also be applied using the DE Backrub, simply fill with sulphur or mix it with DE for an easy one application solution. Read more on our blog here.