ActivFert Soil Life EM

  • Soil Life EM direclty enhances plant growth and produces high yielding crops, which are drought and frost tolerant without the need of any chemicals. Soil Life consists of a wide variety of effective, beneficial, non-pthogenic aerobic and anaerboic micro-organisms cultured in substances that are mutually compatible with one another. Soil Life is produced thorugh a natural fermentation process and not chemically or genetically engineered. Extending and activating Soil Life. For

    20 L use:

    160 L Water, 20 L Soil Life, 20 L Molasses - mix all ingredients in a 200 L drum together, stir thoroughly. Cover drum with gauze or loose fitting lid to keep insects out but allow some air in. DO Not use an air pump. A white yeast will appear on the top when product is starting to activate - this is usually about a week to 10 days depending on weather temperature. Apply at a rate of 10L per ha monthly.

    20 L Soil Life will make a total of 200 L - ready to use.

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