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Ticks and Fleas, let Diatomaceous Earth fight the battle.

Like most dog and cat owners you might battle with Fleas and Ticks that can not only have a harmful effect on your beloved pets but also you and your family, use Diatomaceous Earth to control those pests.

Use Diatomaceous Earth against ticks and fleas

These pesky bugs a small and often go unnoticed until it become quite problematic. Fleas are annoying, harmful bugs that can drive you and your pet mad. Ticks can be dangerous, they are silent and quickly attach to your dog or cat when they are outside in the grass, forest or park. The best way to handle both of these is with consistent prevention tactics. See our recommendation below on how to use natural, chemical free Fine Diatomaceous Earth to tackle this bugging issue!

-- Start by washing/vacuuming your pets bedding, separate from your clothes and towels etc. and either wash or thoroughly clean (vacuum or disinfect) the places your pets like to be.

-- Search your pets for ticks, making sure to look into their ears, their arm pits, around the eyes and lips and between toes.

-- Next wash your pet with a natural shampoo that is moisturising. Shampoos that contain Neem oil (not everyone’s favourite smell) a natural flea deterring oil can help add to the level of prevention.

-- Very lightly dust your pets dry bedding and the places (e.g. cat scratcher) that your pet likes to be with Fine Diatomaceous Earth. The molecular structure of DE which is sharp only on a microscopic level when fleas and ticks come into contact with Diatomaceous Earth, it cuts and absorbs moisture from their exoskeletons ultimately killing them. Please be careful not to breath in the powder as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

Use Diatomaceous Earth against ticks and fleas

-- 2 or 3 days after you have applied the DE, vacuum, mop or wipe with a lightly wet towel the treated areas sucking up any ticks, fleas and eggs that have been killed. Please note that due to Diatomaceous Earth’s rough abrasive texture it can damage traditional vacuum filters very quickly. Filter less vacuums are the best option to collect any DE that is on your floor or carpet. If you can use a regular vacuum if you don’t have access to a filter less one but please be very careful about how long and how much you vacuum and please be sure clean out the filter every couple of minutes to minimise the damage. Wash all towels and mop heads that have come into contact with Diatomaceous Earth on their own right after use, after the first wash they can be washed with other items as per usual.

-- Re-apply the DE after vacuuming and continue the cycle. Please be careful not to breath in the Diatomaceous Earth as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

-- Feeding you pets Diatomaceous Earth, can help with internally tackling Fleas and Ticks. Find our more here!

When using DE we recommend wearing a protective mask for your own safety and well being.

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