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Kitty Litter smell, no more using Diatomaceous Earth

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

What's more dreaded than taking out the garbage, is having to clean out the smelly litter box. Minimise the stench with highly absorbent Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short!

Diatomaceous Earth for Cats and Kitty Litter

Not only does the smell nearly knock you backwards it also makes its way around the house or apartment which is certainly not desirable.

But there is some good news! Our Kitty Litter Diatomaceous Earth can help absorb the stinky smell and moisture in the litter box, meaning less smell, less frequent changing and any nasty bugs and parasites that might normally make themselves at home in the litter box will be taken care of. Win, win right?

Diatomaceous Earth for Cats and Kitty Litter

Here’s how:

In a clean litter box with fresh kitty litter simply add ¾ cup of Kitty Litter Diatomaceous Earth per 500 grams of litter. Repeat the process every time you clean and re-fill the litter box. Be sure to mix the DE thoroughly into the litter but please be careful not to breath in the Diatomaceous Earth as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

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When using DE we recommend wearing a protective mask for your own safety and well being.

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