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Fight back against Cockroaches

Cockroaches, they seem to pop up in the strangest of places at the worst time like when you have your mother-in-law over for tea and one of those nasties comes crawling across the table!

Take back your home! Cockroaches are not the easiest bug to get rid of thanks to their resistance to more traditional ways of fighting them like chemical sprays.

DE is not only cheaper than these other methods but is natural, organic and is safe to use around and in your home. The effects of DE will only wear off if it is cleaned up or washed away so there is no need to worry about keeping a schedule to reapply it.

Check out how we recommend using Fine Grade DE against Cockroaches:

  • Clean your home really well. Vacuum, sweep and mop floors making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Clean your kitchen cabinet making sure to pick all food crumbs which attract cockroaches.

  • Clean around and seal any cracks in your home where they could come through and dry up any damp patches that might build up in places like under your sink, as DE will not work when wet.

  • Start by lightly dusting the areas where you have noticed or seen the most cockroach activity. If you dust too heavy the cockroaches will not crawl over the DE which will not see any effect on the cockroaches. Dust anywhere else you might think they could be or walk through. Please be careful not to inhale the DE as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

  • Be sure to dust the outside of your house as well, this will help keep them away. Lightly dust along the edges of your house, right against the foundation, along window sills and by entrances.

  • Let the DE sit where it is for as long as you need it to and to keep it there for prevention. If the DE gets washed away outside, simply reapply it. If you want to clean it check out our how to clean DE article on the best way to do that.

Need to clean up the DE? No sweat, see how here!

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