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Feeding Pigs DE

Whether you are a hobby farmer, a rancher or own a pig or two, DE can provide you and your pigs some great benefits.

Mixing Fine grade DE into your pig’s feed is a natural way to help prevent fleas and flies from making themselves at home on your pigs. DE promotes weight gain, helps support their immune and digestion systems and because DE is a form of silica it is known to give pigs strong hoofs, healthier skin and control parasite outbreaks. The best results are when the pigs are consistently eating the DE feed mixture.

DE is also globally known to reduce internal and external worms and parasites restoring health back to the digestive system all while binding toxins and heavy metals boosting overall health and performance of the pigs. As DE is highly absorbent, if taken internally will reduce the odour of the manure while adding nutrients back into the pastures, boosting water retention and improving feed conversion and pasture quality.

The recommended ratio for mixing Fine Grade DE into your pig’s dry feed:

We recommend adding 2% of the weight of your pig's dry feed that they receive either in addition to or instead of foraging and grazing. For example, each pig might eat 150 grams dry pellets, the DE to be added would be 2% of 150 grams which is 3 grams per portion. We recommend only feed DE to piglets that are eating solid feeds. Please be careful not to breath in the DE as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled.

Mixing Fine Grade DE into dry feed or bushel of feed:

Either in a dish, simply mix the measured amount of DE into the portion of dry feed or alternatively you can when you buy a new bag of dry feed calculate 2% of the bags weight and add the correct amount of DE to the entire bag. Be sure to shake the bag well to ensure the DE is evenly spread. Repeat this with every new feed bag. By adding DE to the bag, you get the added bonus that insects like ants and weevils that can get into the feed are deterred as it is like a natural preservative, which thanks to its amazing moisture absorbing power keeps feed fresher for longer.

Every time you go to feed your pigs be sure to shake the bag as the DE will settle at the bottom of the bag with time. Please be careful not to inhale the DE as like most minerals they can be potentially harmful once inhaled. As DE is absorbent it is important that your pigs have access to plenty of water to ensure moisture in the digestive system isn’t affected.

DE can not only benefit pigs but a whole range of other animals as well. Find out here!

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