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DE environmentally friendly and safe?

This question gets asked a lot and our answers is always ‘Sure is!’.

Farmers, gardeners, pet and home users have been using DE in their daily lives for many years and now the secret is out! We believe in products that are not only safe for people and animals to be around but also the earth. DE is naturally found and sources from the earth so there is no harm in it going back to where it came from! Our DE has no traces of chemicals or strange additives, making it safe to use in or on your pets, garden and farm.

Despite there being different types or grades of DE is you use them for the right purposes in the right ratio DE is environmentally friendly. Please know that there is a grade of DE, that is Pool Grade. This grade of DE can very harmful on gardens and animals so please do not use this grade of DE for anything other than Pool specific things. We do not sell Pool Grade DE, which unfortunately have given DE as a whole a bad wrap. Be in formed and use the right DE in the right way and it will be happy days!

We are all about prevention, which is why we highly recommend avoiding breathing in DE. Like most powders and minerals, it is not the best when stuff like this enters your lungs. It can cause irritation and over a long time with a lot of exposure can have a detrimental effect on your health. When using DE on bigger projects like applying DE to the garden we would recommend wearing a reusable protective mask that will help to prevent any issues that might arise, especially if you are prone or currently have a respiratory issue.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of DE and its safety levels at

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