Fertilisers - Their strengths and uses

We are glad to offer a wide range of high-quality organic liquid fertilizers from ORGANICA. These products are used by top Australian farmers here and around the world.We are not in the business of selling more fertilizers (sometimes called the ‘More On Farmer’). Our goal is to offer you the best products for your plants so you can grow high quality, high yield and especially high nutrient products. The healthier your soil and plants the less problem will occur during the growing season.
All ORGANICA products are pre-digested for immediate availability. What does this mean? Plants are only able to take up nutrients in a soluble structure. Pre-digested means that all products are fermented for 120-140 days using special enzymes and microbes to break down the process.
The finished products are already inoculated with a wide range and Trichoderma’s and Bacillus. This biology is then responsible to unlocks soil reserves, reduce or even eliminate unwanted pathogens and make the fertilizer immediately available to the plants for uptake. Foliar application is one of the best ways to correct any nutrition imbalances, boost the immune system before and after rain/storms and protect the plants against fungal and/or bacterial diseases.
To ensure you get the right products that suit your need be sure to read the typical analysis (the list of ingredients) from each product. Every product should have a listing on each bottle with all ingredients showing the percentage within. If products do not show you and the organisation where you are purchasing from cannot show you the ingredients list, we would recommend not to buy it.
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